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Take part in the Hooked on School Days event!

The Hooked on School Days (HSD) event will be taking place all across the province this year from February 13 to 17, 2017, under the theme “Be a Superhero. Staying in school is everyone’s business!” During this period, all members of the community will be asked to mobilize themselves for our young students of all ages. Let’s take the time to tell them that each effort counts and that we are by their side to provide support and encouragement. School perseverance is a daily issue that involves us all.


The 2017 campaign will also serve to celebrate individuals who have a positive impact on our young students and their motivation in school: parents, teachers, coaches, principals, employers, decision-makers, counsellors, educators and other students.   


How can you participate?

Prepare an activity, show your support and present your superhero!

  • Register as a HSD partner. It takes no time at all.
  • Describe your activity, either the one scheduled in your calendar or an activity specially designed for this event.
  • Download items for promoting the event or supporting your activities. You will find many tools that will add to your activities.
  • Present your school perseverance superheroes and we will talk about them on the HSD website and Facebook page. You can also showcase your superheroes on social media using the #JPS2017 hashtag.

Actors from all sectors are invited to register their HSD activity.


Tools to download


Need ideas for activities?

During the HSD event, you can do an activity that is already planned in your calendar, adding to it the school perseverance and superhero theme. Let your creativity flow!


Present your superheroes and acknowledge their work

Publicly celebrate those around you, in your school or in your organization who are school perseverance superheroes. Send them an encouragement postcard or a school perseverance certificate with the HSD 2017 design. Talk about them on social networks or by doing vox pops with the #JPS2017 hashtag.


Organize a School Perseverance Brigade

Along the roadside, in a public area or during an event, raise the awareness of adults about the importance of supporting and encouraging students each and every day and give them an encouragement postcard.


Invite parents and children to an early reading and writing activity

Organize an early reading and writing activity for children under 6 and their parents (storytelling time, visiting a library, making a collective book, literacy bags, and so on). Find stories of superheroes who persevere despite the obstacles encountered, use the superhero mask to add a little something to your story and encourage interaction between children and parents.


Encourage parents to write a word of encouragement

The parent-child bond has a significant impact on school perseverance. Help strengthen this bond by inviting parents to write a positive message to their child using, for example, the encouragement postcard.


Invite families to a child-parent activity

Organize a hockey game, an improv activity or an afternoon of skating or coasting to forge ties with families. For an improv game, use the series of improvisation topics (available in French only).


Discuss the work-study balance

Ask students aged 14 to 20 to fill out the online questionnaire (available in French only) designed for providing students with a portrait of their work-study situation. Distribute flyers to parents on tips and practical advice for supporting their children in their efforts to balance work and school.


Organize a perseverance gala

During a festive event for your entire school or community group, acknowledge the perseverance of certain students by presenting them with a school perseverance certificate. Put up your posters, bring out the bells and whistles, gather parents and adults and cheer on your superheroes!


Talk about perseverance issues

Promote Hooked on School Days using the communications tools of your organization (for instance, bulletins, newletters, bulletin boards, electronic bulletin boards, social media and website) and promote school perseverance in your workplace using the HSD tools.


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